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Airless Spraying

Airless spraying gives a consistent quality finish over almost any surface.

  • Easier to apply paint to a variety of surfaces – smooth to rough
  • Provides uniform distribution of material on uneven surfaces
  • More than four times faster than brushing
  • Over twice as fast as traditional rolling


It’s versatile.

With the right sprayer accessories, you can save even more time. RentalPro offers a variety of time-saving accessories – from pressure roller attachments to tip extensions.


What is airless spray?

Airless spray breaks up fluid into small droplets (atomizes) without the use of compressed air like air spray guns.

Paint from a bucket is pumped under high pressure through a hose to the spray gun and tip.

When the spray gun is triggered, the paint flows through the spray tip, which creates a restriction, causing the paint (or other material) to break up (atomize) into a fine spray pattern.

Spray tips come in a variety of hole sizes and spray pattern widths. Which tip to use depends on the material and surface being sprayed.