We offer a range of services to help you make the right choices when painting your home.

Our staff continue to complete industry training to ensure we stay up to date with all the latest products and techniques coming onto the market.

Bongiorno & Sons

Texture Coating

Traditional Render

Polymer modified dual purpose traditional cement render for obtaining a traditional sponged finish render, or for preparing most substrates as a base coat. Traditional render can be used as a thin filament coating eg. Skimcoat base coats, or as a higher build screed finish of up to 12mm with excellent holding properties. Traditional Render is a versatile finish suitable for multiple applications.


A timeless flat render finish similar to a sponge floated sand and cement plaster. Quicksand will not go drummy or delaminate like sand and cement render often does. Quicksand is a tough 2 pack polymer modified mineral based material that bonds to practically any substrate.

Quick Trowel

Seamless vertical scratch-coat decorative and protective wall finish in grades of 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. Final finish is by plastic trowel for a smooth flat jointless finish. A popular up-market finish. Choice of tough, durable, permanent 2 pack Mineral polymer system or Acrylic system is available.


A seamless, modern but ageless decorative and protective wall coating system. Plastic trowel finished to provide a smooth textured finish in 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm grades. Mimics the face of a freshly cut block of sandstone. Choice of tough, durable permanent 2 pack Mineral polymer system or Acrylic system is available.